‘Salah’ without pressure, stiff form before scoring two goals in a boiling red game

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Mohamed Salah, midfielder, insists there is no pressure at all. Even though my feet were blind for several shots believe is just bad luck Until recently, he came back to shoot two goals, leading Liverpool to defeat Manchester United in a difficult 4-0 lead, leading to a top scorer in the League.

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has admitted that Never worry about your form. Even before not scoring goals in many games Because sometimes people have to face some bad luck and let the team win. before finally coming to hit two goals In the game in the 4-0 win over Manchester United in the Premier League match, boiling red on Tuesday, April 19 ago.  

Egyptian Vanguard Who did not score a goal for the Reds from open play since February and without a score from 6 games, but the latest at Anfield, the subject returned to show good form, shooting for the team in the 22nd and 85th minutes, the other two Goals came from Luis Diaz in the 5th minute and Sadio Mane in the 68th minute, reiterating the key rivals. 

Made two back-to-back matches against United  , the mummy offensive line scored alone 5 goals from a total of 9 goals that Red Machine imposed a clean sheet defeat. After the first match to attack at Old Trafford, came comfortably 5-0 last October. After the match , Salah revealed that he was able to score goals again.

I have said many times that I have scored many goals for this club. it will keep coming Sometimes you may encounter bad luck. But the most important thing is that the UFABET team still wins. I’m not worried at all. my teammates Makes it easier to play in the midfield and defenders. They always try to pass the ball in situations like this. I think we defended well. They make our lives easier. We just need to score a goal. When we shot the first shot We went to the second child. and go to the third child I think it’s been a great performance from us here and away from home and hopefully this will continue.” 

With two goals in this game, Salah is still the league’s top scorer with 22 goals, leading Spurs’ Son Heung-min to five and is the 30th goal from 42 games in all competitions in the season. Now, while Liverpool , who are temporarily holding the top of the crowd two points ahead of Manchester City, will have their next match program with a home visit to Everton in a Merseyside derby match. Next Sunday, April 24