Rudiger opens up about leaving Chelsea + locked himself in bathroom while celebrating UCL title

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Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger explains why he decided to leave the club. And revealing the incident while locking himself in the bathroom during the celebration of last year’s UEFA Champions League win

 Antonio Rudiger has confirmed he will leave Chelsea this summer. and said that his decision to join Real Madrid came after The navy blue lion army was silent for a while about the new contract offer. by the German national team defender Thomas Tuchel has agreed a four-year contract and will join the Spanish champions as a free agent at the end of the season, although Thomas Tuchel wants Rudiger to stay at theOxford Bridge continues and Chelsea are set to turn the 29-year-old into the highest-paid defender in the club’s history. But Rudiger said Chelsea waited too long to begin negotiations and months of silence persuaded him to part ways with the club after five years.

          “Unfortunately, my contract negotiations became more difficult last fall,” Rudiger wrote in an open letter to Chelsea fans via The Players’ Tribune . “Business is business. But when you don’t hear any news From the club from August to January The situation becomes more complicated.” “After the first offer There was also a long gap where nothing happened. Aren’t we robots? You can’t wait for months amid a lot of uncertainty about your future.” “Of course, no one knows the boycott is coming. but in the end other big clubs It showed interest and I had to make a decision. I’ll leave it like that because in addition to business I have nothing bad to say about this UFABET club.”

          Rudiger also revealed he locked himself in the bathroom with fellow Muslim Chelsea players N’Golo Kante, Hakim Ziyech and Kurt Zouma, while team-mates Celebrating last year’s UEFA Champions League They beat Manchester City, with Rudiger opting to abstain from alcohol because he is a strict Muslim. his parents fled
Civil war in Sierra Leone, therefore, he sought to remove himself from situations that could threaten his beliefs. As a result, Rudiger had to be in the bathroom with his Muslim teammates to avoid the “death of humiliation”. The champagne splash will take place in the changing room.

          Speaking about his post-game experience through The Players Tribune, Rudiger said: “Champions” The ones I won here were all really great.” “But what makes Chelsea such a special place is their friendship. We are more than teammates, many of them N’Golo Kante, Kova, Ziyech, Lukaku, they are like my brothers and sisters . And if there’s a moment that sums it all up for me, it’s probably going to be the bathroom incident after we won the Champions League final.

          “When we returned to the dressing room, the boys were celebrating champagne. And a few of us who are strict Muslims go to the bathroom to find our own kind of peace. Me, N’Golo Kante, Ziyech and Zuma locked themselves in the bathroom. And we look at our medals. Then they looked at each other and shook their heads. ‘ “I will never forget this. N’Golo Kante had the widest smile on his face. ‘Wow,’ he said, ‘we really can do that’ and he started to laugh. It’s like he’s only laughing.” “When N’Golo Kante laughs, you can’t help but feel truly happy. The four of us started laughing like little children. That moment in the bathroom for me will last forever.”

          Rudiger and his Chelsea team-mates are not the first players to avoid exposure to champagne due to their beliefs. Sadio Mane politely asked Takumi Minamino not to inject. Champagne at Liverpool’s Carabao Cup win in February

          as well as Rudiger Mane is a devout Muslim who chooses not to drink alcohol because of his religion. according to his faith Alcohol is ‘forbidden’ and ‘harmful’, so Muslims do not eat ethanol-containing foods. They do not spray perfumes that contain alcohol. And they will stay away from all forms of intoxicating substances. short talk Mane’s against Minamino was televised after Jürgen Klopp’s men beat Chelsea 11-10 on penalties and won the Carabao Cup.

         The Reds picked up the trophy at the northern stand before heading to the pitch shortly after to continue the celebrations. Players gather on the podium in the middle of the field. The stage was filled with bottles of champagne prepared for injection. Minamino picked up the bottle, intending to pour it on his teammates. But Mane politely asked him to refrain from doing so. As a result, Minamino put the bottle down and continued to sing and dance with his colleagues.

          back to rudiger A fan favorite at Stamford Bridge, he made more than 200 appearances for Chelsea and helped the club win five major trophies, including the Champions League, Rudiger added. approaching that “Chelsea will always be in my heart. London will always be my home. I came here alone And now I have a wife and two lovely children.” “I also have a new brother named Kova. I have the FA Cup, Europa League and Champions League medals and of course I have hundreds of memories that will stay with me forever.” “I left this club with a heavy heart. It means everything to me. I will always be Chelsea Thank you…Rudy.”