Quick update! Lokanga urges Arsenal to improve their form of play

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Albert Zambi Lokanga urges Arsenal teammates Improve the performance of the team to make the team stronger than they are. If you still hope to win the top four.

Credit: GETTY

Albert Zambi Lokonga made his debut, telling everyone in his squad to improve their way of playing urgently. After almost losing to Crystal Palace in their own home.

Alexandre Lacazette scores a crucial goal in 90+5 injury time for Arsenal Can share points with Crystal Palace with a score of 2-2, which in this game is a return to the old place of Patrick Vieira, the Crystal Palace manager who had led the artillery to many successes when he was also football player and almost managed to get 3 points out

The 21-year-old Belgian midfielder admits he’s not playing well. Coupled with a mistake by Thomas Partey, the Gunners missed three points at home in their 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace on Monday. Which after the game, he came out to admit that he was the cause of the team losing goals. while encouraging teammates to improve themselves, including himself

“Losing the second goal was one of my mistakes. It’s an area where I can’t lose the ball. which I made a mistake But we all have to learn from it,” said Lokongka.

“We started the game well. because besides the door we are not doing well in terms of quality. keep game control after we lead. We also slow down the game too much. It have to find a way to score a second goal. put more pressure on them And we didn’t do that. We have to be hungry to win more.”