Pep praises Grealish for a great performance

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Previously, Jack Grealish has been a mainstay at Aston Villa. He has been around since Aston Villa were only the League Championship side. Jack Grealish brought Aston Villa back to promotion. The English Premier League was successful. Although in the first season of promotion. Aston Villa’s performance may not have been satisfactory. But Jack Grealish is a player who has maintained his own standards of play as well. Originally until receiving attention from leading teams in the English Premier League

Although Jack Grealish opted to stay at Aston Villa for just one season, it was Manchester City who decided to pay £100 million to Aston Villa to bring Jack Grealish. Of course, Jack Grealish continues to perform as well, with Pep Guardiola praising Jack Grealish for the outstanding performance provided by Pep Guardiola. Interview: “Jack Grealish continues to perform well and he will do even better.”

“Jack Grealish is a player who is highly focused on the pitch and off the pitch and is in perfect physical condition and has a great attitude, even though Jack Grealish has to play every three days. It’s the first time but we have to play like this for 11 months, although it’s tough but it’s also a challenge, Jack Grealish too, even if we have a lot of options in the game. Offensive but must have Jack Grealish in the team with a lot of competition.