Pep praises Ake’s performance against Burnley

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Usually Nathan Ake only gets to play at centre-back. But with a not-so-satisfying performance. He has to sit on the bench patiently. The main defender has a lot to choose from. Both Ruben Dias, Amric Laporte and John Stones have each performed exceptionally well, but Nathan’s last game against Burnley was Nathan. Ake, who had the opportunity to start the field despite having to move to play at left-back.

And Nathan Ake didn’t disappoint Pep Guardiola with a solid defensive line and dealt well with Burnley’s aerial shots, which Pep Guardiola has admired for Nathan. Ake, who has done an excellent job and helped Manchester City not concede goals as well, with Pep Guardiola in an interview: “Nathan Ake can come on as a substitute in the position of left-back. Although not a natural left-back, Nathan Ake is a player who is very focused on the pitch.”

“And putting Nathan Ake on the field in the last match was a reshuffle of plans for a three-man centre-back, with Amrik Laporte in the middle and John Stones moving to the right. A little bit with Burnley being a team that has a strong point in the air and has a very dangerous set-piece too, so sending Nathan Ake has helped our defense a lot tighter than before. And I’m happy to see Nathan Ake on the pitch, of course I’m ready to give him the opportunity to play continuously.”