Neves: Arsenal are as happy as they are winning trophies

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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Portuguese midfielder Ruben Neves has revealed. Arsenal were delighted to have won the English Premier League. After scoring one goal and narrowly beating Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Arsenal are aiming to win the Champions League qualifiers. After the season ended empty-handed. As they were eliminated from the FA Cup and Cara Bau Cup while in the English Premier League. There is almost no chance of scoring in the pursuit of Manchester City. Which against Wolverhampton is not an easy task. But if they go to win back out Success has a chance to move up to the 5th place of the scoreboard immediately.

And it was Gabriel Magalles who helped Arsenal take the lead in the 25th minute. Although both teams tried to open the game to the fullest to score a goal. But in the end Nothing happened and Arsenal were on the winning side. With 10 men left in the 70th minute still coping well with Wolverhampton’s attacking game, with Ruben Neve. United admitted that Wolverhampton Wanderers were not sharp enough in the final area but wondered why Arsenal had to rejoice as they won the title when scoring the lead.

“Although we did a very good performance, we still had problems with finishing and allowing them to play freely and on the occasion of Arsenal’s goal I was not sure a foul. Or not, but it’s normal football and all we can do is improve on the finishing so it frustrates me not being able to turn into a goal at all. That is why Arsenal must be so happy because the last time I saw Arsenal so happy was the UFABET season that they were able to win the English Premier League.”