Nelson reveals why he moved to Feyenoord

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Being only a young player, Reiss Nelson has rarely been given the opportunity to start the field for Arsenal. There are rumors of moving the team out continuously for the opportunity to play. Is a continuous start before Feyenoord will pull Reiss Nelson to join the team on a season-long loan in the last market. Reiss Nelson is ready to enter the field. Immediately, he suffered a groin injury and missed out on playing for Feyenoord early in the season.

But recently Reiss Nelson was able to return to the field already. Although only as a substitute, which Reiss Nelson hopes to step up into Feyenoord’s starting line and reveals the reason. Decided to move to Feyenoord to regain confidence by continuing to enter the field by Reiss Nelson said: “After I traveled to Feyenoord, I had to face problems with symptoms. I was injured immediately. It immediately took me back, but now I am able to return to the field.”

“Of course I’m very happy to be able to come back to play for Feyenoord already. So having to wait for the time to play is very difficult. But it’s good that I’m used to the atmosphere here. Well and that’s what I want and now I hope to get my confidence back as soon as possible. That’s why I decided to come to Feyenoord because here it can give me confidence. Of course, “Reiss Nelson should be playing again in the Europa Conference League, although he is just a substitute because he has just recovered from an injury.