Must be better! Neville Ting with Arsenal centre-back should do better

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Former Manchester United legend Gary Neville thinks Ben White and Gabriel should do better. After Arsenal, they almost lost at home to Crystal Palace.


Gary Neville criticized Arsenal centre-backs Ben White and Gabriel in their 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace on Tuesday night.

Crystal Palace, under Patrick Vieira, almost beat Arsenal at the Emirates, with goals from Christian Benteke and Odson. Nee Eduard led Arsenal 2-1 in the 73rd minute until they equalized 90+5 in stoppage time, suffering a painful three-point error.

Arsenal’s equalizer from substitute Alexandre Lacazette in the 90+5 minutes helped the Gunners achieve a point against Crystal Palace and Neville aimed. At Arsenal’s centre-back duo in this game, Ben White and Gabriel, who he sees playing as disappointing, put the agency in a difficult position.

“I think Gabriel was wrong in conceding the first goal and Ben White was wrong in conceding the second. They have to do better,” Neville, 46, told Monday Night Football.

“He had to stop Benteke who was going to shoot. Don’t hesitate He must either get the striker in the least dangerous position or cause him to shoot with his weak foot. But he didn’t do that.”

“Looking at Eduard’s counterattack, Ben White kept backing and retreating. And you shouldn’t be able to let go like that. You should have fouled and received a yellow card outside the box. Better than letting them come in and shoot like that. A good defender must be able to determine with which foot to force the striker to fire. Neither of them can do it. They let the strikers do what they are good at. That’s not a good defense at all.”