Mendy reveals Chelsea should keep winning until the results are unsatisfactory

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Although facing newcomers like Brentford will be an easy task for Chelsea. With their team’s superior potential. The game has not turned out like that because of Brentford. Guard was a much more aggressive side. It had the opportunity to score several goals before Ben Chilwell scored in stoppage time in the first half until Brentford will try to Hard to score a goal equalizer, but was saved by Eduard Mendy all and Chelsea was the side who narrowly won the victory.

Plus, the win in the latest match keeps Chelsea ranked No. 1 in the table, with Eduard Mendy admitting that Chelsea need to keep winning despite their performance on the field. It’s not very satisfying to hope for a trophy, with Eduard Mendy saying: “We just showed everyone the best in our last match against Brentford. It has been successfully added in the English Premier League, it is something that tests the physical condition very much.”

“Of course, Chelsea are a team that only wants to get to No. 1 in the table and the most important thing is to only get wins, although their performance on the field may not be satisfactory, but if they win. It’s enough and in the latest match we have succeeded. “Chelsea are preparing to play against Malmo in the UEFA Champions League and Chelsea’s only condition is to win only after losing to Juventus. Toots, unfortunately.