Koeman still believes in Coutinho

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Despite having such a great performance at Liverpool that Barcelona decided to pay up to 114 million pounds. To bring Philippe Coutinho to the team in 2018 to replace the missing position. Of Neymar, but unfortunately Philippe Coutinho was unable to replace the missing position. His performance on the field was so bad that he was loaned to Bayern Munich. In 2019 and almost moved permanently as well. But Philippe Coutinho decided to return to Barcelona again.

By Barcelona, ​​the change of manager made Philippe Coutinho hopeful that he could return to being the main character again. But was still only a backup until there was news about the transfer of the team. Continuing and being a Liverpool team that is considering pulling Philippe Coutinho back to the team. But Barcelona do not want to let Philippe Coutinho out of the team. Plus the latest match was just Scored 1 goal to help Barcelona beat Valencia. Immediately move up to 7th in the table.

Ronald Koeman praised Philippe Coutinho for his outstanding performance in the latest game. Continues to believe in Philippe Coutinho’s ability. As has been shared by Ronald. Old Koeman said: “As soon as Philippe Coutinho enters the field. He immediately controls everything on the pitch. Most importantly, he knows how to score goals. I personally believe in his ability. Of Philippe Coutinho and in the future. Philippe Coutinho will definitely perform better than before.