It can be up to 3 years! Schmeichel believes Sancho will go well with Manchester United

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Peter Schmeichel is confident Jadon Sancho will be able to bring out his best in the Red Devils shirt. But it may take up to 3 years.

Credit: EPA

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has expressed confidence in Jadon Sancho that he will continue to perform well for the Red Devils. Although the current news is still unable to break a good form during the German football career came out at all.

Jadon Sancho moved from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of 73 million pounds to join Manchester United during the transfer window last summer. He has made just three Premier League starts and four as a substitute, yet has yet to score a goal or assist.

But Peter Schmeichel believes fans shouldn’t be worried about the 21-year-old’s form as he believes he’ll be able to perform well again, urging Sancho to learn how to play and play. Techniques from Cristiano Ronaldo as much as possible

“You are the youngest player on the team. It’s a huge pressure. He moved for a huge fee. It probably puts a lot of pressure on him right now,” Peter Schmeichel told Seaman Says.

“He should have looked at Cristiano Ronaldo as a model and he could say to himself, ‘If I act according to the man’s guidelines I will be as good as him. I will have the basics to play. I can be as good as him.’”

“It might take two or three years to learn it. But it will allow him to play at a high level in 10-12 years.”  ufabet