Dyche has not been upset over Wood’s move to Newcastle.

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Burnley’s England manager Sean Dyche has not been upset over Chris Wood’s move to Newcastle United. Despite being a key player for Burnley. The performance has been quite satisfactory as well.

To be honest, Burnley’s situation in the 2021/22 season is not so good after being dropped to 19th. It’s also at risk of being relegated to the League Championship. Will be strong, but if Burnley can not seize the area in the English Premier League has been successful. There are many players who are ready to move out of the team immediately. But recently lost Chris Wood is considered an important force. The UFABET team goes to Newcastle United, who are trying to escape relegation as well.

Since joining from Leeds United in 2017, Chris Wood has been able to immediately become a key figure at Burnley with his excellent on-field performances and Chris Wood scoring. 53 goals and 9 assists in 165 games, although it may not be satisfactory for the 2021/22 season. But has been given the opportunity to start regularly for Bern. But it was Newcastle United who agreed to pay up to 25 million pounds to bring Chris Wood to the team.

Sean Dyche has no problem losing key player Chris Wood. Although Burnley’s situation has not been good. Key player Chris Wood leaving the team is something we don’t want to happen the most because he is a key player for Burnley, although his performances this season may not be satisfactory. Chris Wood’s stats with Burnley are satisfactory and something like this has happened before with us and I have no problem parting with Chris Wood.