Diallo warns Manchester United to be wary of Atalanta’s attack

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Manchester United are in a difficult time after winning just one of their last five games in all competitions. Most recently losing to Leicester City in a run-of-the-mill defeat to Manchester United. United must do their best to hope to beat Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League. In order to regain the confidence of the players in the team as soon as possible if Manchester United can beat Atalanta successfully. There is a very high chance to qualify for the next round.

With Manchester United having only won only one match in the UEFA Champions League group stage from 2 games. They have played in their own home like this. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Ready to send the main players to the field in full. Of course, but Ahmad Diallo also warned Manchester United that they should not underestimate Atalanta. Especially the attacking side game by Ahmad Diallo. He said in an interview, “The first thing is that you absolutely must not underestimate Atalanta.”

“Because if you underestimate Atalanta then that will be the biggest mistake they will make because they have a great manager. They also have great players, and their style of play puts a lot of pressure on the opponents to play very difficult, most importantly Robin Gosens and Ruslan Malinowski. Ready to create a disturbance for the opposing defensive game as well, even if they do not have possession of the ball, but are always ready to get the ball back as quickly as possible, the more they have the ball, the more dangerous it is, so do not underestimate them. him absolutely.”