Chelsea set to bring Gilmour back in January

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Despite being a promising young player with a great performance. But with Chelsea having so many options in midfield. Billy Gilmour has to become a patient backup only. Unable to be squeezed into a key player at Chelsea. News has emerged that Billy Gilmour wants to leave Chelsea for more playing time and Norwich City do. Decided to bring Billy Gilmour to the team on loan in hopes of raising the bar in the midfield that has just lost Emiliano Buendia.

Which Daniel Farke gave Billy Gilmour the opportunity to start in the English Premier League immediately. Unfortunately, Norwich City can not win a single match and lost in a row. Causing Billy Gilmour was immediately reduced to a role as a substitute. Although Norwich City’s performance has not improved. But it looks like the chances of Billy Gilmour with Norwich City are gone. So there is news that Chelsea are preparing to bring Billy Gilmour back to the team in January immediately.

But if Billy Gilmour can return to being a regular at Norwich City. Chelsea may consider Billy Gilmour to stay at Norwich City with Daniel. Farke also revealed that he was under no pressure to send individual players to the pitch. Admitted he was not building players to transfer to other clubs. Although many players in the squad wanted to trade. Players with bigger teams, but it’s up to the players how much they can improve themselves.