Cascarino: Mendy is Chelsea’s best deal

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Even with Kepa Arrizabalaga Within the team. But with a very disappointing performance. Chelsea had to pull Eduard Mendy to join the team to become the team’s first goalkeeper. As well as to stimulate Kepa Arrizabalaga. To call their own good form back. It seems that the pull of Eduard Mendy came in to answer the question that Chelsea are looking for because Eduard Mendy stepped up as a keeper. Chelsea’s No. 1 goal immediately with a great performance and also inspired Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Although Chelsea have had some great players in their squad. Tony Cascarino has revealed that Eduard Mendy is the best value deal for Chelsea. According to Toni Cass. Carino said: “Chelsea have a goalkeeper who has done a great job and is also reliable. Making Eduard Mendy one of the best deals for Chelsea. Chelsea decided to pay only 17 million pounds to bring Eduard Mendy to the team, which is a very cheap price.

“Plus, Eduard Mendy has continued to maintain his standards of play and there is no sign of a drop in form despite being heavily tested in the last game, but Eduard Mendy It helps Chelsea not to concede goals again. “Eduard Mendy has been given the opportunity to play for Chelsea, a total of 54 matches and only conceded 34 goals and kept a clean sheet. up to 30 shots