8 Foods High in Lutein Adjust the skin color to be bright naturally.

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One of the nutrients that help brighten the skin naturally is lutein, which is a substance known for helping to maintain eye health. because it is a compound in the group of carotenoids It also has the ability to help adjust the skin tone to be white and clear. It also helps to slow down aging skin as well. In terms of foods that are high in lutein and recommended to women Be sure to eat regularly as follows:

8 Foods High in Lutein Adjust the skin color to be bright naturally.

1. Eggs Eggs
are considered foods that contain lutein. Which, although the amount of lutein is not very high compared to other foods But the study found that Eating eggs is one of the best and easiest ways to provide your body with lutein. It is also a food that helps the body get good fat as well. It also helps the body to absorb nutrients quite well.

Corn Corn is rich in lutein, about 3.6 milligrams in 1 cup of corn, which is considered a very high amount of lutein that the body receives. Including eating tortilla flour which is a starch made from corn Or eating about 9-10 pieces of crispy corn will help the body get about 1.7 milligrams of lutein.

3. Nuts Pistachios
A variety of nuts are rich in lutein. But in the amount of 30 grams of pistachios, there will be about 1.4 milligrams of lutein. also received lower fat content than eating other types of nuts as well

4. Parsley
Talk about parsley. Many people will be reminded of its unique smell. This herb is used ยูฟ่าเบท as a component of a variety of dishes. However, if adding about 1/2 cup of parsley to soups or other dishes. It will help the body get about 1.2 milligrams of lutein ever.

5. Bell peppers
Bell peppers are not only famous for being an excellent source of vitamin C. But there are still many substances in the carotenoid group. including lutein as well For bell peppers that provide high lutein content will be green bell peppers It will provide approximately 1.4 milligrams of lutein, but the amount of lutein that the body will receive depends on the size of the bell pepper as well.

6. Green Cos
If girls eat about 2 cups of chopped Green Cos, the body will receive up to 4 milligrams of lutein, so it is recommended to always add this vegetable to the meal. It will help the body get nutrients like lutein more often.

7. Spinach Spinach
is not only rich in nutrients like lutein. But it also provides many other nutrients such as magnesium, iron, vitamin K and antioxidants. It is also classified as a vegetable that is considered a source of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body as well. In terms of raw spinach, 1 cup provides approximately 8 mg of lutein to the body, while 1 cup of cooked spinach provides up to 16 mg of lutein.

8. Kale Kale
is a vegetable that provides lutein to the body at a high level that can have a positive effect on the body. The raw kale provides about 11 milligrams of lutein, while the cooked kale. will make lutein reduced by almost half. Therefore, if eating cooked kale, it is recommended that women eat other types of lutein-containing foods. Which will help the body get enough of this nutrient.

let’s say girls Who wants to have white and clear skin? want to slow down or want to maintain healthy eyes for a long time It is recommended to keep eating foods that are rich in lutein. Especially all 8 types of food that we have mentioned above. They are all foods that help the body get lutein together.