5 ways to lose fat and build muscle Make a lean figure with beautiful proportions.

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Did you know that When the body has muscle mass, it will make good results for weight loss . It also helps maintain weight in the long run. Importantly, muscle mass also causes fat to decrease. as well as giving the body a slender shape. Therefore, it can be seen that muscles are an important part of increasing energy metabolism in the body. Today we want to invite girls. Let’s understand about losing fat that comes with building muscle for women‘s bodies with 5 methods as follows UFABET.

5 ways to lose fat and build muscle Make a lean figure with beautiful proportions.

1. Do weight training
when girls want to lose fat and build muscle. Recommended to exercise by playing weight training. regardless of whether to play using the device or not However, it is recommended to do weight training in a way that is light to heavy, such as lifting 1 kg dumbbells about 10 times, or maybe alternating with squats, which are also interesting. Because playing weight training helps develop strong muscles. It’s also quite good at reducing fat.

2. Exercise with proper posture.
Exercising with proper posture It is something that girls Especially as a beginner, it must be very important. Especially if you have never exercised with weight training. It is recommended to exercise by doing squats, sit-ups or planks without doing it for a long time. Maybe start at 30 seconds and gradually increase the duration of the exercise. This will greatly reduce injuries from overuse.

3. Eat carbohydrate foods
in case of girls want to lose weight but want to build muscle The need to eat carbohydrate foods. Because carbohydrates are important nutrients and are necessary for the body. especially during exercise However, if the body does not receive carbohydrates The body may pull muscle mass to burn for energy instead. That may make building muscle ineffective as it should be.

4. Eat protein foods.
protein food It is considered a food that helps build muscle. But it’s not recommended to take more than your body can metabolize. due to excess energy will be stored in the form of fat In terms of eating protein that is fit for the body, it is 1x body weight (kilograms) = protein (grams). However, 100 grams of meat will provide about 26 grams of protein for the body.

5. Avoid strenuous exercise.
Although exercise is a way to help you lose weight and keep your body strong, But exercising too hard, such as 1 hour, is considered overtraining. And it’s too much for beginners. It’s also not recommended to do weight training and cardio on the same day. because it may cause the body to be too stressed

Girls who are determined to lose weight And want to build muscle at the same time, try to follow these 5 methods. It is believed that it can help you lose weight well. It is also a method suitable for beginners as well.