5 skin problems for women that come with the rainy season. Know them and deal with them in time.

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During the rainy season like this, girls need to be very attentive to taking care of their skin. Because rain often brings various problems. Come to the skin of girls It’s unavoidable. Today we have gathered together 5 skin problems of women that come with the rainy season for you to know. In order to be able to protect it.

5 skin problems for women that come with the rainy season. Know them and deal with them in time.

1. Oily facial skin
, even in the rainy season But it can make the skin oily. This is because the humidity of the air will stimulate the sebaceous glands to work harder. Therefore, it causes the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of oil. and makes the face more oily than usual Therefore, when there is too much oil coating the surface of the ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com face, It will cause various impurities. Come stick to the surface. Makes facial skin prone to acne.

2. Acne
problem , as mentioned in the section on oily facial skin problems. When the air is humid, it stimulates the sebaceous glands to work harder. And when the facial skin is more oily than normal. It will cause dirt to adhere to the skin. Which is the starting point that can cause acne on the face, especially if any girls have sensitive skin. There may be a rash. or a red rash as well This is because humid air draws moisture away from the skin. And when the skin of girls Lack of moisture It will easily cause itching and rashes.

3.Dull skin:
During the rainy season, the weather is often overcast or dark, making girls think there is no sunlight. And this causes many people to neglect to apply sunscreen. But did you know that the behavior of neglecting to apply sunscreen during the rainy season? This opens up the opportunity for sunlight to harm the skin quite a lot. And that is why it is not strange that girls There will be problems with dull skin during the rainy season.

4. Body odor
during the rainy season, even if there is no sun, you will sweat easily. But let me tell you that it can make girls You can smell. Due to the humidity that occurs during the rainy season. Especially moisture from rain droplets, from sweat, or from clothes that are not completely dry. There is a chance for mold and bacteria to grow well. And that’s why the girls smell, they smell rancid. And there is a musty smell on the clothes. Additionally, some people may also have problems with ringworm.

5. Itchy scalp.
Girls often wonder if during the rainy season Why do itchy scalp and hair loss problems occur so often? That’s because during the rainy season there will be dirt and germs that come with rainwater. Including humidity in the air and sweat. And when these things come together, they cause the scalp to become infected with fungi and bacteria. When inflammation occurs, it can cause hair loss.

Therefore, when entering the rainy season, it is recommended that girls prepare to take good care of their skin. To prevent various problems Easy to apply to the skin Don’t neglect it just because you think that the rainy season is a time when there is no sunlight and it will not harm the skin. Because humidity can create many problems for the skin as well.